Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas garland....Martha style!

I had the idea of doing a garland with Styrofoam balls and in Googling it online, wouldn't you know it but Martha already had the idea! haha So, I saved myself the time of trial and error and followed her formula. (Link) I was surprised at the simplicity of it! And the results were even better than I imagined! I was able to purchase my supplies at Michaels on Thanksgiving, taking advantage of their super coupon. Then I also purchased the Martha Stewart pack of coordinating gold glitters with the 50% coupon found in her latest magazine...amazing deal! So, I think I spent about $17 total, HOWEVER, $8 of that was the huge pack of glitter that this project only used around 10%.

Supplies: Wooden skewers, 2 packs of 12 Styrofoam balls (one small, one bigger), Martha Stewart Holiday golden glitter pack (This had fine glitter, tinsel glitter & beads...I only used the fine & tinsel glitters), Elmers glue, several small bowls, florist foam, something to string the balls on (I used fringy ribbon), disposable paint brush or foam brush, tape

1. Pour the Elmers glue in a bowl
2. Put one of the balls on a wooden skewer
3. Dip the ball in the glue and use the paint brush to spread it around and remove excess
4. Pour the glitter on the ball over a bowl (use a different bowl for each color as the excess can be salvaged)
5. Once ball is completely covered, poke the skewer into the florist foam to dry (I let mine dry overnight)
6. After all balls are complete and dried, tape the end of your ribbon to the blunt end of a skewer
7. Thread the balls on to the ribbon one by one.
8. Adjust the balls on the ribbon so they are all even

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