Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Frame with mini bunting

I saw this absolutely beautiful frame on KinderStampO's blog and got totally inspired! I wanted to make something for my good friend Patt, anyway, for hosting a cookie exchange and I thought it was a perfect idea. I also have been dying to have an excuse to make a mini bunting because I've been seeing them everywhere and think they are darling. Plus, anyone who knows me, knows I have a weird obsession with all things mini. haha

Wood frame
Dark brown acrylic paint
Pearl finish white acrylic paint
2 sheets coordinating card stock
3 in 1 glue
Spray adhesive
Tim Holz distressing ink
Ivory ribbon
Martha Stewart twine
Paper flowers
Clear glaze spray
I purchased one of those plain wooden frames from Michaels and started by painting all but the front side with dark brown acrylic paint. After that dried, I painted a thin coat of the pearlized acrylic over the dark brown just to give it some depth. I traced the frame upside down onto the paper and cut out the shape. I used spray adhesive to secure the paper on to the front of the frame and used a razor to clean up the edges. Then, I used the distressing ink to age the paper a bit, making it darker on the edges. I secured the ribbon to the 2 sides with 3 in 1 glue.
I added these pretty paper flowers in a cluster pattern along the left bottom corner. They already had adhesive on the back, so it made it easy.
For the bunting, I used the backside of the same paper that was used for the front of the frame. I took a 2 in section of paper and folded it in half. I cut the triangles by eyeballing it because I wanted more of a vintage non-perfect look to it. I had purchased these tiny letter stamps from the dollar section at Target quite a while back and they are still one of my fav finds. The stamp parts fall off a lot, but I love the typewriter look they give, so I deal with the irritation. :o) I folded them over the twine and used the 3 in 1 glue to secure. I used the same glue to adhere the twine to the back of the frame. Lastly, I cut out a piece of the coordinating paper to use in the back of the frame.

This was one of my favorite projects and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I think my friend Patt really liked it too. :o)

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