Sunday, November 7, 2010

Favor Find of the week - Sugar Plum!

I am always on the lookout for new party favor options, so when I came across Sugar Plum, I had to share! They have some unique gourmet popcorn such as Cookies n' Cream popcorn described as, "Our delicious new creation, cookie n' cream popcorn. Fluffy white air popped popcorn hand drizzled with rich milk chocolate, sprinkled with cookie n' cream pieces, then drizzled with white chocolate." Doesn't that sound divine?! Fill some pretty paper cones with this treat and your guests will love you!
Sugar Plum has also reinvented the boring popcorn ball with their fall popcorn ball! They take their popcorn ball on a stick and hand dip it in milk chocolate, then cover it in fall sprinkles. So pretty, you could use them as a whimsical table decoration at your Thanksgiving dinner. 
Sugar Plum doesn't just do popcorn, though, they also do some interesting things with chocolate. Such as chocolate dipped biscotti and chocolate dipped potato chips. So fun and unexpected! I recommend adding these chips to a wax paper bag with a fun custom sticker on the front.
Sugar Plum is my party favor pick of the week!


  1. wow! what great ideas! all ideas you could probably make yourself! :) Thanks for stoping by my blog! You are more than welcome to steal any of those crafty ideas...I most likely stole them (I do try and give credit) from a fellow blogger so fair is fair :) Those apple covers were super easy but a little time consuming...I'm a perfectionist so that could be why lol. Plus I had to make 25 of them!!! :) Thanks again for stoping by! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Yours TruLee,

    Ann Marie

  2. What a cute blog! Thanks for the link - great party favors, too! --Kim Kesti

  3. Awesome blog! I picked up a few new ideas. THANKS!